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2019 Moxie Summer Jam – wrap up and results.

Photo by Ben Wong

On June 15th we held our 9th annual Women, Trans, Femme, Non-Binary alleycat, Moxie Sumer Jam. Before we even started out planning we had an honest discussion about whether we wanted to put it on this year. We ultimately decided we are sooooo close to a decade we can’t stop now.

This race wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers who are always willing to show up early at the park to get their secret supplies before the racers show up. It saves our ass a ton of running around the day of the race. Plus they are always game to get whatever is needed to their stop whether its super heavy or incredibly awkward.

The gathering starts. Video by Monica Gallagher

114 racers with all different skill levels, ages, bikes, and styles including 3 who didn’t know the town, 7 Masters, and 1 tough racer attacking with a single gear arrived at Gas Works Park. This year’s course proved to be a quick one, with racers almost beating us to the finish line!

Peddler Brewing Company provided kegs of kegs of Peddler Beach Cruiser Blonde and Strawberry Rhubarb fizzy water on hand for the racers and volunteers and both were totally tapped by start time. Atomic Cycleworks also was kind enough to bring mimosa fixings.

Photo by Ben Wong

At about 2:50 we told the racers to go away from their bikes. With that many racers, sticking manifests in all the bikes takes awhile so we always recruit as many non-racers around as possible to help. It takes a village.

114 Amazing Racers!! Photo by Ben Wong.

Once the racers gathered we gave our not so short spiel. The talented Ben Wong patiently give us instructions for the group photo. Once we said “GO” the racers ran to their bikes and started plotting out our 6 stops.

Wild Night Out – At Foster Island, racers sang embarrassing karaoke then got a temporary tattoo.

Photo by Ben Wong

Tire Toss – Fairview Park, this year we decided to do our donations a bit different and let the racers have a say into where the “profits” go. We had four construction cones represent four charities, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and the Transgender Law Center. We would donate to all four but the percentages would be based on where people threw their tires. I should admit that I got this idea because I did an alley cat once where you had to toss a tire over a cone and it took me about 20 minutes to get it, though admitting that makes it sound like I like to pass on pain.

Cyclocross – It’s hard not to have a cyclocross stop when members from both Space Cadets and Soft Like Kitten volunteer to work a stop. They set up a small course at the Ravenna Shelter.

The basket is CX sanctioned. Photo by Rick Hauptman

Get Loose – Gilman Playground was the sight of a raging party where all the racers got loose with a jello shot, reg booze or juice for non-drinkers and then limboed on their bikes.

Glamour Shots – Two cheesy backdrops were set up at Meridian Playfield with the classic glamour shot accessories like feather boas, pets, and hats that had all the racers give their best head-shot.

Nothing says Glamour like feathers and a stuffed cat.
Photo by Reilly Lambert

Bike Pick-up lines – at Thomas C. Whales park all the racers had to take a moment to appreciate how their bikes are fine as hell and write a pick up line for them. The volunteers then choose their favorites that got read at the after party.

Once all stops were hit, they raced to The Boxcar where they checked in and started comparing routes and stories. We started out the awards which would be nothing without the great stuff from our sponsors below. Please thank them, support them, and mention Moxie Summer Jam. They are great businesses that support the Women, Trans, Femme, and Non-Binary community on bikes.

Packed house. Photo by Chris Gilbert

After buying all the racers and volunteers a drink and paying ourselves back for supplies we had an extra $308. As decided by the results of the tire toss $97 will go to The Northwest Immigrants Project, $77 will go to ACLU, then $67 will go to both the Transgender Law Project and Planned Parenthood.

We have a Flickr group with pics of the race so please upload any pictures you have. We will be adding more as we get them from each photographer so keep visiting. We would also love to see the routes people took, if you have them mapped out add the link in the comments or post it on our facebook page. Keep reading for the full race results and list of sponsors! See you next year for our 10th Anniversary Race!

Thanks everyone!
Monica and Marley

Much love to our amazing sponsors!

Durable useful gear made for city since 1995. Waterproof bags. Technical apparel. Boots and sneakers. Guaranteed For Life

Portland Design Works
Beautiful, simple gear for everyday cycling.

Northwest bicycle company that has the perfect bike for your city and style.

Recycled Cycles
Used bikes, new bikes, plus a full array of both new and used bicycle components, accessories, and parts.

Paint on Wheels
Custom Bicycle Finishes in Automotive Quality Wet Paint.

Brooks England
Pioneering manufacturers of quality bicycle saddles, bags, jackets & all types of accessories to make your cycle ride relaxing …

The strongest + best rims ever!

Leading brand of pedals, wheels, dropper posts, pumps, tools, and accessories.

Swift Industries
Design and make our products in-house from the very first snip to the very last bolt.

Atomic Cyclewerks
Bike messenger with a sewing machine problem.

Hip and functional lights, cycle computers, locks, bags, and more.

Custom fabrication & repair shop, crafters of bicycle trailers, baskets and custom-made frames.

Protect what you love.

Bike themed microbrewery and tasting room in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

RAD Power Bikes
A Seattle consumer direct ebike company making the RadRover electric fat bike, RadWagon electric cargo bike, RadMini and more.

Redfrog Athletics
Flattering, functional, comfortable athletic wear to empower, motivate and liberate on and off the bicycle.

Nantucket Baskets
Unique, hand-crafted baskets for your bicycle.

Bike Saddles Are Developed Alongside Pros To Provide Ultimate Comfort. Speed. Passion.

Sun Liquor
Independent gin & vodka distillery with a small lounge serving classic cocktails & casual eats.

Cafe serving great food, coffees and beers in the Central District near Capitol Hill with a full service bike shop.

Damask Tattoo
Women owned friendly tattoo studio.

Back Alley Bike Repair
Bicycle repair, sales and service in Pioneer Square and Downtown Seattle.

Machines for Freedom
High quality, high performance, well thought out cycling apparel and in the process inspire a few more ladies to join us for a ride.

Revelate Designs
Alaska-based business making high quality gear for the passionate, hard core niche of avid cyclists.

Triple R Brewery
What started as a home brew kit between three friends has slowly grown into a full scale operation and business.

Coven Salon
Curly Hair, Straight hair, Bridal, gay and hetero, multicultural and multiethnic, community focused.


#Name SS/FixMastersOut of TownTime In
1Diane Z

2Erin O

3Keiko B

4Emmy ES

5Katherine R

6Danielle H

7Lindsey W


9Bry O

10Rachel G

11Sarah U

12Machiko T
13Heidi S
14Claire J
15Amanda B

16Becca B

17Nikki M

18Merlee S

19Heather C

20Caitlin H

21Heather E

22Reebs S

23Diane R

24Anne L

25Kate H

26Heather W

27Mary N

28Jan A

29Nikki N

30Christine G

31Nikki Lx

32Jenna M


34Jenna H

35Briana W

36Jennifer S

37Mackenna L

38Maia M

39Kira M

40Carter G

41Emily D

42Wren B

43Natalie B

44Tara P

45Stevie G

46Rachel C

47Lisa Z

48Lyndee E

49Danae H

50Margaret B

51Diane P

52Stephanie T

53Sergio R

54Miriam W

55Paige C

56Lindsey L

57Sarah L

58Jess K

59Lisa C
60Michelle G

61Gracie E

62Claudia L

63Jessica L

64Cat W

65Michelle F

66Nicole K

67Alexa M

68Sequoia Y

69Keri B
70Kashina G

71Emily B

72Clar W

73Maya G

74Maddie R

75Natalie M

76Miyo M

77Jean N

78Tess M

79Roxanne R

80Kendra R

81Mariah E

82Edie R
83Rebekah G

84Zena S

85Cayce P

86Mandy G

87Ariel S

88Becca G

89Aletheia W

90Meaghan L

91Emily I

92Leah S

93Dejah S

95Erin T

95Sarah B

96Susan F

97Natalie S

98Kelsey D



Alice S.

Lindy S

Juliana P

Jenna S

Toddy S

Angela T

Savannah C

Julia P

Paris C


Marmi S

Jennifer P

2018 Moxie Summer Jam – Wrap up & Results

What 102 WTFnBs about to race look like. Photo by Ben Wong.

On July 14th 2018 we held our 8th annual Women, Trans, Femme, Non-Binary alleycat, Moxie Sumer Jam (formerly Girls of Summer). Its crazy to think we have done eight of these things, but we know for sure this was the hottest (literally). One of the big changes this year was the new name. To live up to our mission of being a WTFnB race we wanted our name to be more inclusive. 102 Seattle bicycle WTFnB made their way to Gas Works Park to register for the opportunity to race through the Seattle city streets to checkpoints where the volunteers would make sure they fill the requirements and of course meet a ton of other rad racers. The shortest route that we could figure out was 22 miles on par with other years but the heat made it feel way longer. The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the racers showed up to get their equipment for their top secret assignment.

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Menstrual Monday is now Moxie Monday!

As you may have seen on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (where we are much more active BTW), we have rebranded ourselves from Menstrual Monday to Moxie Monday!

We’re still the same old, bicycle riding, fun loving group of folks, but we wanted a name that was reflective of our community values that is inclusive of all women, trans, femme, and non-binary riders. We hope that our new name represents that better!

We’ll have a new logo soon!

Four 2017 DNFA/Bikepacking Bikes Shorties can be Excited About

Shorties tend to get a lot less bike love then the average height’d, even less when it comes to what I have termed a Does Not F*ck Around Bike. You know, what you can take down a shitty middle of nowhere fire road or bad/oh so good decision single track, carrying all the stuff you need to live, without aches, not having to constantly pray that your bike doesn’t explode, or screaming “OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE WHAT HAVE I DONE!” while going down a mountain at high speeds, or even going up a mountain at slow speeds. I guess the boring terms are bikepacking or adventure bike.

BUT HOLY CRAP we are getting some great new options this season and an old classic got some really nice updates.

Requirements for a DNFA Shortie Bike

  • Standover of 29″ / 736mm or lower.
  • 2.3″ / 55mm or wider tires.
  • Ability to put on a rack. While my preferred set up is bags I still want the option to put on a rack if I need. A girl needs her options.
  • Steel


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Little Touring Monster: Pt 2. Outfitting

Now that I have this bike, how do I get it tourable? Not just tourable but Little Monster TOURABLE! Outfitting a small bike (lets say for someone 5’4 or under) has its own, sometimes unforeseen, challenges so I’ll cover some of those and what I did to get around them.


Before outfitting.

Clean, clean, clean and basic maintenance.

If you are getting a used bike on the cheap, chances are you will have to do some maintenance to it, but thats ok. It will make it feel like YOURS. A good cleaning and re-greasing will do wonders. Little touring Monsters drive train was covered in grease that had sat there for years.
Cleaning is pretty basic but a couple of tips I have:


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Girls of Summer 2016 Wrap Up and Results

With the threat of thunderstorms looming in the forecast, we anxiously completed final preparations for the 2016 Girls of Summer All Women’s Alley Cat Race. Rain or Shine, this race was happening.

Despite the ominous clouds, 2016 turned out to be another year for the record books, as 103 racers and over 30 volunteers turned out for a glorious day of miles, smiles, and just a little bit of rain!

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May 2016 Menstrual Monday Ride Report

When Monday night starts with a swim in Lake Union before you’ve even met up with most of the ladies you’re going to be riding bikes with for the evening, you know you’re in for a good night. And a good night it was!

May 2016 Menstrual Monday


The second Menstrual Monday ride of 2016 found nine of us pedaling northwest, in search of a perfect spot to catch the sunset. Departing from Seattle Center we quickly found the lovely waterfront trail and followed it through Myrtle Edwards Park. With spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains and the sun shining over the water, it’s a shame this trail doesn’t go on forever.

The group made a quick stop to help a fellow bike rider with a flat tire and rolled on through towards the locks. Heather led us through the “low route” to the Ballard Locks, a new way for many in the group which was pretty exciting to learn a new way to avoid a hill.

Ballard Locks Walk Through


After a detour to 7-11 for firewood, beverages, and s’mores supplies, we were back on our way to Golden Gardens and arrived just in time for sunset. Our arrival was heralded at the beaver pond however by none other than a posse of beavers! Nature was truly on display for May’s Menstrual Monday ride as 4 beavers, a turtle, and a bunch of ducks strutted their stuff for us as we made our way to North Beach for a fire and good conversation.

Rox helps carry wood and beverages for the fire.


Conversation flowed readily and easily around the warm fire that thankfully wasn’t especially needed. For the first time in recent memory for any of us, nobody was cold on the beach and we stayed in short sleeves until it was time to pedal home.

Beach vibes.


As the fire died down, we packed away the snacks, turned on bike lights, and made plans for next month. Thank you to all who came out- we look forward to seeing you next ride!

Excitement is high not only for next month’s Monday ride (Monday June 6th, meet at 6:30, ride at 7), but also, the Girls of Summer Alley Cat Race the following weekend, June 11th. Details will be coming out very soon!



Little Touring Monster: Pt 1. The hunt is on.

I am, what I would call, an avid cyclist. I am also, what I would call, hella short. These two things often do not mix, especially with touring bikes. I don’t mean a road or CX bike with racks hobo-ed on, but A REAL touring bike fit for me that can take me on the gravel less traveled.

I wanted to feel like these ladies on my touring bike:

And not like this:

I was also not Demi Moore, Indecent Proposal, rolling around in bills so it needed to stay under $1000 total, which means used. Luckily, while I am not rich in dolla bills, I am rich in the ability to search Craigslist and Ebay multiple times in a day. The hunt was on.

But first, what was I looking for? What makes a good touring bike?
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Girls of Summer 5 Wrap-up and Results

We held our 5th Annual All-Girl Alley Cat, Girls of Summer, on June 13, 2015. Margaret says this is the most exhausted she’s been after this event (either racing or organizing). Monica experienced a zombie-like state and Heather has yet to resurface. But it was all worth it to see all these faces!

Once again, we had record high participation–90 racers! There were lots of new faces, and some we’ve seen every year or just about. Everyone gathered at Gas Works Park and then raced through the streets of Seattle on a ca. 23-mile long course (choose your own adventure, YMMV) and enjoy each other’s company.

The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the ladies showed up to get their top-secret assignments and equipment. We had over 30 volunteers this year, which was great for handling the waves of racers coming into the checkpoints. These guys were up for anything, and some of them got pretty creative with the props and instructions we gave them. They all toted their supplies to their assigned stops and were ready to go by 3pm.

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Girls of Summer Round 4 – Wrap-up and Results

Tough.      credit: Ben Wong

Tough. credit: Ben Wong

On June 14th 2014 we held our 4th All-Girl Alleycat, Girls of Summer. Its crazy to think we have done four of these things, but we know for sure this one was the biggest and best. 65 Seattle bicycle women climbed Beacon Hill just to get to the start at Dr. Jose Rizal Park to then race through the Seattle city streets to checkpoints where the volunteers would make sure they fill the requirements, kill at the very best route for 22 tough miles (our longest yet), and of course enjoy each other’s company. The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the ladies showed up to get their top secret assignments and equipment.

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