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Girls of Summer Wrap-up.

Girls of Summer Wrap-up.

Girls of Summer Proof

One June 11th 2011 46 seattle bicycle women descended upon I-5 Colonnade to race through the seattle city streets to stops where men would make them do ridiculous feats, kill at the very best route 19 tough miles, and of course enjoy each others company.

The day started out with all our great stop volunteers meeting at the colonnade before the ladies showed up to get their top secret assignments. These guys were great and up for everything. Especially when they were told that instead of signing a manifest they had to paint a nail and were given a bottle of brightly colored polish. Some guys had a look of devilish excitement and others had a look of fear. I rested easy knowing they wouldn’t be painting mine. They all toted their props (some pretty heavy) to their assigned stops and were ready to go by 3pm.

You want us to do what?

The girls started to arrive, 46 to be exact. There were so many different types of bikes and ladies, it was great seeing them all in one place. Especially since so many girls came out for their first race. While the registration went on girls chatted, enjoyed some Go Girl Energy drink, and took advantage of our on hand mechanic (thanks Doug!).

We had the racers put their bikes on a green patch and lock their bike to itself. As we kicked the racers out of that area we put manifests in the spokes of their bikes. We then gathered the girls up, gave the schpeel, said go, and watched them run to their bike. They all started reading, plotting their route, and then departed into the beautiful day.


Once they were loose on the course they had to hit various stops consisting of..

  • Soccer Mom Stop at Meridian Playfield had the ladies twirl around, make a soccer goal, then guzzle the always classy Franzia Blush box wine (or cranberry juice if they don’t drink).

    Pretty sure some girls decided these were THE way to roll around town.

  • Crazy Driver Stop located at the Bridge to Nowhere was where the ladies participated in a big wheel time trial. They had to fully ride, as in full body on rediculously tiny big wheels as fast as they could down an abandoned bridge.
  • Rocker Chic Stop at the location of the former OK Hotel venue gave the ladies some hella tough Girls of Summer tattoos.


  • Pretty Pretty Princess stop was set up at Denny Blaine park and had a spread of bike decorating supplies where the girls had to make their bike pretty then were told about the Prom Queen secret stop where the ladies posed in a prom photo with their all dressed up bike.

Total prom queens!


We headed over to the after party at Boxcar Alehouse to set up and before we even knew it the ladies started arriving. These girls were seriously impressive. Check out the time of all the ladies at the end of this post. More racers arrived and the ladies enjoyed the fruits of their labor with yummy beverages and a fantastic patio.

We started out the awards. The awards would be nothing without the great stuff from our truly supportive sponsors below. Please thank them, support them, and mention Girls of Summer. They are great businesses that love girls on bikes.

Racers enjoying the bomb patio.

Also a Flickr group has been created so please upload any pictures you have. We will be adding more as we get them from each photographer. So keep visiting. We would also love to see the routes people took, if you have them mapped out add the link in the comments or post it on our facebook page.

I, the short one, personally want to give the boys from GoMeansGo a thank you. Especially Greg, also the short one, who developed this site and let us pick his knowledge of throwing races to the gazillionth degree without yelling at us to leave him alone. Now that you did this do their Nine 2 Five Bicycle Scavenger Hunt.

I, the tall one (hehehe!) would like to acknowledge and thank everyone at The Boxcar Alehouse for allowing us to invade their venue for our well-attended after-party, for the use of their karaoke equipment, and for providing the drink specials to all racers and supporters.

Thanks ladies and men!
Monica & Kristen


Thank these guys!

Recycled Cycles
Used bikes, new bikes, plus a full array of both new and used bicycle components, accessories, and parts.

Awesome protective gear for riding.

Hip and functional lights, cycle computers, locks, bags, and more.

For over 15 years, Chrome has been making gear that lasts. They never forget that people count on it.

Two Birds Tattoo
An all-girl staff doing what they love best, well planned, beautiful, and custom designed to their client’s wishes.

Nantucket Baskets
Unique, hand-crafted baskets for your bicycle.

Seattle Powder Coat
Make that bike pretty with the best powder coater in the city.

Harlot Clothing
Ride bikes be fabulous.

Mad Housewife Wines
Wine should be fun, relaxing, and something you can afford to look forward to at the end of each and every day.

Go Girl Energy Drinks
Get your go girl.

Sex toys for a passionate world.

BUST Magazine
Smart, fierce, funny, and proud to be female.

Hub and Bespoke
A retail “cycle boutique” aimed at lowering some of the common barriers to urban cycling.

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
All that matters is great living and great beer.

Georgetown Liquor Company
Strong enough for a carnivore, made for a herbivore.

Liberte Skin Wellness
Skin pampering and hair removal from a lady who wants you to know that you are beautiful right now.



Big Wheel Time Trial Results

  1. Alice L. 1:25:00
  2. Tessa 1:31:00
  3. Heather I. 1:32:00
  4. Rae 1:52:00
  5. Ava S. 1:52:00
  6. Liz C. 1:57:00
  7. Margaret 2:01:00
  8. Heather W. 2:02:00
  9. Emily L. 2:05:00
  10. Rachel G. 2:06:00
  11. Kiira 2:06:00
  12. Christie B. 2:07:00
  13. Emily K. 2:12:00
  14. Amy R. 2:15:00
  15. Becky W. 2:16:00
  16. Sophie 2:16:00
  17. Meg 2:18:00
  18. Gretchen 2:19:00
  19. Nanette 2:19:00
  20. Opal 2:19:00
  21. Anna L. 2:20:00
  22. Maile 2:20:00
  23. Shara 2:22:00
  24. Lisa M. 2:23:00
  25. Jennifer W. 2:24:00
  26. Terra 2:24:00
  27. Theresa T. 2:26:00
  28. Lucia 2:27:00
  29. Meg N. 2:27:00
  30. Helga 2:31:00
  31. Lauren 2:32:00
  32. Charity 2:35:00
  33. Claire M. 2:51:00
  34. Laura R. 2:52:00
  35. Laura L. 2:54:00
  36. Ali M. 2:59:00
  37. Sara F. 2:59:00
  38. Kyleen 3:05:00
  39. Cayla 3:11:00
  40. Helen T. 3:13:00
  41. Souyoung 3:16:00
  42. Caroline K. 3:27:00
  43. Laura H.  3:42:00
  44. Nova  3:45:00
  45. Katy A.   3:58:00
  46. Jennifer I.   5:36:00


Racers Finishing Time. VROOM!

  1. Gretchen Leggitt 1:23  +
  2. Rachel Green  1:36  (First Fixed)
  3. Ali Masterson   1:36
  4. Margaret Berger  1:51
  5. Jennifer Weitman 1:54  (First Single Speed) (Prom Queen)
  6. Lucia Gregory 1:55
  7. Laurel Fan  1:55
  8. Nova Clawson  1:55
  9. Kyleen MacGugan  1:55
  10. Laura Rabuck   1:55
  11. Sarah Frederick  1:57*
  12. Tessa Worley  1:57*
  13. Rae Wiseman 2:01  (First w flat) (Bad to the Blood)
  14. Anna Lenan  2:03
  15. Amy Ragsdale 2:21 (Best Team Kit)
  16. Theresa Trinidad 2:21 (Best Team Kit)
  17. Christy Brezina 3:10 (Manifest turned in late) (Best Team Kit)
  18. Tara Stewart 2:22
  19. Becky Warner 2:22
  20. Lisa Marie 2:23
  21. Emily Luth 2:23
  22. Katy Anderson 2:23
  23. Maile Martinez  2:25
  24. Soyoung Shin  2:25
  25. Emily Kashman  2:26
  26. Liz Curry  2:28
  27. Clair Maddox  2:28
  28. Kiira Schoessler  2:37
  29. Alice Lippitt  2:38  (Time Trial Winner)
  30. Helga Hizer 2:44
  31. Opal Mekkelsen 2:45
  32. Nanette Girzi 2:46*
  33. Shara Feld 2:46*
  34. Lauren Fellows  2:46*
  35. Charity Fox  3:19  (Manifest turned in late)
  36. Meg Hartwig  2:47
  37. Ava Saritsky  3:16
  38. Heather Widgren  3:17
  39. Heather Imoor  3:17
  40. Sophia Egler  3:57   (DFL)
  41. Laura Hawkins  3:57  (DFL)

+ Went to secret stop but couldn’t find them

* Missed secret stop

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  1. That was a fantastic race and I had so much fun! Hope to see all the girls soon!

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