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Girls of Summer Race FAQs

Girls of Summer Race FAQs

So we have been getting a decent amount of questions from people about the race. I will try to answer some but much will remain a mystery, part of the spirit of alleycats is you don’t quite know what you’re getting into.

Q: How long is the race?
A: Not tellin. It is on par with most alleycats in the city but the stops will be open longer to enable maximum amount of finishment. It will be a workout but I promise you won’t die. At least not from this race.

Q: What bike should I ride?/Do I need a mtn bike?
A: You do not need a mtn bike. We will not be going on the mtn bike park trails. You will be riding on the streets so if you have a road bike use that. Fixed gear will also be good. Commuter bikes, hybrid, or mtn bikes will also be fine. Basically whatever bike you have will work just dont feel like you need nobby tires.

Q: Do I need to know the city to race? What if I am new to the city?
A: You will be fine. Just bring a map. The locations are well marked on the manifest. You will not get lost forever and die from being stranded.

Q: How fun is the race going to be?
A: Really fucking fun.

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  1. Ouch, those two girls on the right showed up to the ride wearing the same shirt. Hoooow embaaaaarrassing.

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