Photo borrowed from

Photo borrowed from

On Saturday, two of our hard-core lady racers walked away with gift certificates for services with Liberte, a local aesthetician who independently operates her skin wellness business.  Friday before the race, we made a quick stop at Lib’s brand new Ballard studio to pick up the prizes, talk to our sponsor, and to get some TLC for our own Seattle-weathered skin.  Unfortunately, our camera’s battery was spent, so we did what we could with a sub-standard camera phone.

After running her business out of a small basement studio across from Ballards post-office, Liberte has very recently moved her operation to a significantly larger, bright, lovely space just on NW 56th St in Ballard, a block north of Market St between 17th and 20th Ave NW.  Though she had just acquired the space, the entrance and waiting area was already artistically and tastefully decorated with pieces from local artists and with colorful origami expertly folded by Lib’s daughter.  The individual studios demonstrate similarly artistic and creative decoration, inspiring the customers to feel warm and comfortable before and during the services that brought them in.

The counter and waiting area at Liberte's new studio

Upon entering the studio, we were greeted by Liberte’s adorable puppy and a big hug from Liberte herself.  She gave us a tour of her new digs while we discussed the race, the monthly ride, and her business.  Read any Yelp review about Liberte, and you’ll find that she’s highly praised not only for her meticulous skill and excellent services, but also for her ability to relate to her clients and to put them at ease during what might be an otherwise uncomfortable experience.  Her ability to do so could be attributed to her philosophy of making every single one of her clients feel beautiful right now.  She notes that as women, we have fallen into the habit of apologizing for everything, including the necessity for whatever service she provides.  No matter what brings her clients into her studio, she ensures that they immediately feel welcome and beautiful and that they leave in the same mindset.  She’s all about lady empowerment and camaraderie, and was so happy to hear about and support our all-girl alleycat race.  We cannot thank her enough for her support and generosity.

Liberte and her adorable dog in the new studio

Liberte’s business is conveniently accessible.  Appointments are easy to arrange on her website, which also boasts her impressive menu of services.  Make sure to check her out next time you would like a luxurious facial or need to prepare for bikini season.  Also make sure to stop by, gander at her beautiful new space, and thank her for her support of our awesome race.  We’re sure that she’d love to hear about it!