So this might just be the girliest post yet on this blog. It started from one bike girl asking a few other bike girls for face advice. Riding bikes is tough on skin. We are regularly putting our faces through the torture of being out in the sun and wind, not to mention all the road grime. I was luckily one of the women in the discussion and decided to put it in a blog in case other ladies might find it helpful.

Being on bike in the elements, your face can become dry. Plus when a face is not naturally hydrated it will start producing more oil to make up for it, leading to a yucky greasy feeling and/or acne. To combat drying out the face too much and stripping it of its natural moisturizers, a couple ladies (me being one of them) suggest just splashing water on the face in morning. I mean really how dirty is your face gonna get lying in bed.

Two women (me being one of them again) use Oil of Olay moisturizer SPF 15, and another one uses Neutrogena SPF 20 in the morning to give protection against the sun, important even on cloudy days. Both of these are really reasonably priced

After riding to work,3 one lady recommends “the Natural Facial Cleansing Pads (with Tea Tree Oil) from Trader Joe’s. Good for washing the face after the ride in to work without a sink and towel. It feels refreshing and is easy to leave in the giant backpack or at my workspace.”

At night the ladies use a variety of things to clean their face. I use Neutrogena Gentle Wash. But some other recommendations were…

“I usually just clean off makeup with some grapeseed based stuff I buy at Sephora (that I like because it’s not greasy & it doesn’t sting if I get it in my eyes)”

“Lately I’ve been using the “Beauty Without Cruelty” brand face soap at night and I really like it.”

Exfoliating regularly was something multiple girls encouraged to get off that dead skin and pore clogging dirt. One cyclist uses the bass brush they sell at Pharmica. I use the $2 bath exfoliating gloves with a dab of my facewash every other day when I shower.

After washing and exfoliating, an evening moisturizer is also great. One lady states, “I follow washing up with either Weleda moisturizer or simple aloe gel depending on how dried out I’m feeling. That seems to be a pretty good combination for me”. I use Oil of Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle because I am waaayyyyyy closer to 40 then 20, and am vain when it come to wrinkles.  Another women uses an Australian retinol at night and says it does well with the wrinkles.

Obviously fast and easy is important. I mean I think we would all rather spend extra minutes out riding then futzing around with our skin. I think my night routine takes about 4 minutes.

2Let us know what you do for that lovely face.