Despite the torrential downpour on the morning of Saturday June 23rd, fifty (omg, that’s a TON) of ladies showed up to the I-5 Colonnade for the Second Annual Menstrual Monday Girls of Summer Alleycat!

So many girls!

The riders were greeted warmly with energy drinks from Go Girl, and Ben and Julian from Back Alley Repair, who were on hand to provide tuneups to our rider’s bikes. Thanks guys!

Once our awesome boy volunteers had manned their stops around Seattle, and after the girls were registered, the race was on! Some girls meticulously chose the best routes. Others headed to the closest stops.

Ladies planning their route.


At each of the five stops on the manifest, the riders had to perform a feat of mental and physical ability. Only after this was completed would their nails be painted, proving their awesomeness.

  • The girls fished for beers, wine coolers, or sodas at Foster Island. That was, until the fishing hooks broke. Thereafter, they had to spin around the fishing poles, then chugged their catch!
  • They then tried out their best pickup lines on the boys at Fremont Peak Park, where they were given chocolates for their smooth words.

    Oh heeeeeey boys!

  • The ladies were quizzed on their bike knowledge at Bhy Kracke Park. Where is the chainstay? What’s a dropout? What’s a wheel seat? That last one’s made up.
  • At Cowen Park, the racers took baby dolls and strollers on an adventurous romp. Pushing babies up bush-laden hillsides is hard work!
  • At Gasworks Park, they put on temporary tattoos, and picked up backstage passes, with directions to the sixth (!!!) secret stop.
  • At the secret stop at Commodore Park, the ladies were given props, put on their most metal egos, and posed for photos for the paparrizzi. (aka Greg M.)

Most metal hair ever!

The race was not finished until the ladies turned in their manifest + showed their six newly painted nails at the Boxcar Alehouse, where us race organizers and company were waiting with hoots, hollers, and hugs for all the riders!

By this time, the nasty weather had passed, and it was all sunny all evening! Meaning we hella took advantage of the awesome patio until it was time to dole out prizes.

And then there was a biiiiig alligator...


We have a flickr group, so if you have some pictures you’d like to share, post them here. The pictures from our photographers will make it there as well. So keep visiting. We would also love to see the routes people took, if you have them mapped out add the link in the comments or post it on our facebook page.

We at Menstrual Monday want to thank all the riders who braved the nasty weather to come out and ride! You are definitely metal! \m/ We’d also like to thank our amazing volunteers, who also braved the nasty weather, to make this amazing event happen. And we can’t forget the Boxcar, who was amazing and let us use the bar + karaoke equipment for our afterparty, and whose drink specials fueled our party.

Also, a shoutout to Zlogblog who helped us promote our alleycat. They are having an alleycat this Saturday June 30th.

And don’t forget about the monthly ride! We meet up at the Seattle Center Fountain at 6:30pm the first Monday of each month, and depart at 7:00 sharp. The next ride will be on Monday July 2nd! Fun for every lady! And we have some tricks up our sleeves for July.

Much love,
Monica + Kristen + Soyoung


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Racer Finishing times

1. Gretchen Leggitt   1:39
2. Marcy Sutton 1:50
3. Tara Stewart 1:57  (First fixed)
4. Alex Cruse 2:00  (Best pick-up line)
5. Elizabeth Adams 2:09   (plus had to change a tire)
6. Holly Jones 2:14
7. Jenna Howes 2:20
8. Haley Woods 2:23
9. Jessie Kwak 2:24
10. Laura Greening 2:29
11. Theresa Ball 2:29
12. Karla Landis 2:30
13. Adrienne Moore 2:30
14. Jessie Gilmore 2:33  (Actually got there at 2:05 but had lost manifest.)
15. Kanin Kubischla 2:34
16. Margaret Berger 2:38
17. Ainsley Wagner 2:39
18. Maile Martinez 2:39
19. Sarah Galvin 2:41
20. Mandi Moshay 2:44
21. Emily Luth 2:45
22. Rebecca Swaney 2:45
23. Sam Courts 2:46
24. Julie Nithoulkas 2:47   (First Masters)
25: Maria Brumm 2:48
26. Sarah Fleming 2:49
27. M.J. Kelly 2:49
28. Madeline Carlsen 2:49
29. Tessa Worley 2:49
30. Sarah Fredrick 2:49
31. Heather Widgren 2:56
32. Lisa Marie 3:14
33. Kiira Schoessler 3:36
34. Christa Fagnant 3:36
35.  Claire Maddox 3:38
36. Laura Rollins 3:42
37. Ashley Kauffman 3:43
38. Tammy Martin 3:43
39. Manuela Insixiengmay 3:44
40. Shantay Greenway 3:45
41. Caroline Colon 3:55
42. Courtney Blair 3:56


People who did not hand in a completed manifest. ie missed a stop

1 Leslie Jensen 3.11
2. Cayla Fleck 3.11
3. Bonnie Mattson 3:12
4. Darcie Grey 3:14
5. Katie Erickson 3:14
6. Jennifer Longstaff 3:44
7. Laura Hawkins