Ok, it may be Seattle’s only all night scavenger hunt, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. You will go places you have never been and procure stuff you could never imagine. I did this for the first time last year and had a blast. It was easier to stay up then I thought. The adrenaline of the scavenger hunt is way more powerful then caffeine. I never thought I could feel such a sense of exhilaration from finding things like a photo of Gary Coleman or an Alaska t-shirt from the 90s. Plus the Go Means Go boys do a great job of periodically spacing out meet ups to break up the night and fuel you up for a another few hours till the next meet up. Telling yourself you just need to make it to the next meet up instead of 5am makes it a lot easier.  At the end while I was grubbing on the delicious provided breakfast I felt a sense of accomplishment that I rode all night, even hit a different town while getting to know my team mates better. It made the pain of sunday totally worth it.

While you can definitely ride it solo, it is one of the only chances for us non-racers to work as a team so try to make new friends at the start or bring your own! Check-in starts at 8pm Wednesday at Gasworks park, and preregistration is encouraged (but not required). Check out Go Means Go for more info.