We’ve heard from a bunch of people who are hesitant to ride on Saturday because they’ve never done an alleycat and racing sounds scary. Fear not people, Alleycats are fun!!! Below is a primer of what to expect on the funnest day of the year.

Rae at the Rocker Chick stop, Girls of Summer 2011


Sure we’ve got a sweet prize for the fastest people who finishes the race, but lots of people will be riding at more leisurely paces. So if you’re not stoked on going 110% and you want to make some new awesome friends, there will surely be people riding at mellow paces happy to group up. Join them or ride by yourself and just chat at stops.


At the start, you’ll be given a paper with locations around town you’ll visit. Our race you decide what order to do them in and your route, other Alley-cats can have a set order. This is called a manifest. Hang on to this because you’ll need to turn it in at the end.

What bike to ride

Mountain bike, cruiser, fixed gear, roadie, or unicycle. Take your pick! As long as it’s pedal powered and can get you around Seattle’s hills, it’s right for this race!

What to bring

Bring a bike lock, pen, bike map, water, sunscreen (fingers crossed!) and maybe a snack.

Ride Duration

While we can’t give away the location of the stops or the exact milage of the best route, our race is on par with most alleycats in Seattle. Don’t let that scare you, our checkpoints will be open for extra long to ensure maximum rider finish-ship. Basically as long as you don’t stop and have brunch with mom you’ll be fine.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Enjoy yourself! We’ve been working extremely hard to make sure you have a great time!

Shenanigans at the start, Girls of Summer 2011