We held our 5th Annual All-Girl Alley Cat, Girls of Summer, on June 13, 2015. Margaret says this is the most exhausted she’s been after this event (either racing or organizing). Monica experienced a zombie-like state and Heather has yet to resurface. But it was all worth it to see all these faces!

Once again, we had record high participation–90 racers! There were lots of new faces, and some we’ve seen every year or just about. Everyone gathered at Gas Works Park and then raced through the streets of Seattle on a ca. 23-mile long course (choose your own adventure, YMMV) and enjoy each other’s company.

The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the ladies showed up to get their top-secret assignments and equipment. We had over 30 volunteers this year, which was great for handling the waves of racers coming into the checkpoints. These guys were up for anything, and some of them got pretty creative with the props and instructions we gave them. They all toted their supplies to their assigned stops and were ready to go by 3pm.

Sign-ups started late and were extended a few minutes due to horrendous traffic (unless you were splitting lanes, it was bad) and also simply because there were so many ladies showing up to ride! We had the racers put their bikes on one side of the lawn and made them gather on the west edge of the picnic shelter while we put manifests in the spokes of their wheels. We then told them the rules (seriously don’t lose your manifest, no really, just don’t), one of our fab photographers took a giant group photo, we said go, and watched them run to their bikes.

And they are off!!! Photo credit: Ben Wong

We try to have a theme for the stops each year. This year was loosely beach/summer fun-themed.

  • The questionable decisions stop: At Terry Pettus Park, they had to apply a temporary tattoo and drink a mini bottle of … something. OK, it was schnapps. According to a volunteer from the racers comemnts the flavors were:  Blue -> freezer pops,  Brown = root beer or mouthwash, Orange =awful/crap/I made the WRONG decision, Light yellow = super sweet wine.  Non-alcoholic option was prune juice, cause we care and want to keep you moving. Liquid courage sent us 100 custom designed bottles. We filled 90 before we stopped. Apparently we are also psychic.


Photo Credit: Ian Schemp


  • Beach party photo stop: Riders got ready for swim time and posed with their bikes (and pool noodles and floaty toys) at Gilman Playground in front of a beach backdrop.

photo credit: Tim Fox


  • Flipper race: The volunteers really ran with this one. Racers had to put on flippers and complete a foot race that included going down a slide at Salmon Bay Park.

Photo by Ben Wong

  • Riding through the park: They had to complete a mini-cyclocross course (totally different from last year’s) that traversed a variety of surfaces (dirt, grass, gravel) in Woodland Park.
  • Sandcastle stop: Racers had to build a sandcastle using rudimentary tools (buckets and tiny shovels) at Golden Gardens Park. This was a stop where you could take 10 seconds and GTFO or take 10 minutes crafting something unique. We gave a special prize for the best sandcastle.

Photo by Justin Howard


  • Secret stop: We did it again. We had a secret stop not on the manifest that racers learned about at Woodland Park that sent them to  Thomas C. Wales Park, they had to write a pick-up line and the volunteers chose their favorite (the classic “I have boobs”), for which we also gave a special prize, a Girls of Summer Safety Kit that provided all sorts of (bedroom) protection.

After the start and making sure all the stops were running smoothly, we headed to the finish line at the Boxcar Ale House to set up prizes, have an early dinner (not even racing and worked up an appetite), and brace ourselves for taking down times and names for all the finishers. Our first place finisher arrived 1 hour 49 minutes after the start and was convinced that others had to have gotten there before her. Where were they? After 1st place, people started coming in on each other’s heels. It was perfect weather to recover on the patio with a frosty beverage and compare notes with the competition. See Results section below.

Photo by Monica Gallagher

We have a Flickr group with pics from the race so please upload any pictures you want to share. Lots of our volunteer photographers’ photos are up there already and we’ll add more as we get them. We would also love to see the routes people took. If you have them mapped out add the link in the comments or post it on our facebook page.

Thanks to our sponsors, we had tons of prizes again. We’ve had support from several of them multiple years, some all 5 years, and some were brand new this year. Please thank them, support them, and mention Girls of Summer. They are all great businesses that love women riding bikes.

Thanks everyone!
Monica, Heather, and Margaret



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1. Miranda k.  1:49
2. Clarissa A. 2:01
3. Lindsey W. 2:02
4. Emily W. 2:02
5. Diane 2:05
6. Kara 2:05
7. Jessie k. 2:08
8. Jessica W. 2:08:30
9. Victoria 2:09
10. Isabelle 2:09:30
11. Natalie 2:10
12. Brea 2:10
13. Yo Honda 2:10:30
14. Mariya 2:14
15. Haley 2:16
16. Maile 2:16:30
17. Kiira 2:17
18. Lauren S. 2:17:30
19. Susie 2:17:30
20. Ari 2:18
21. Lauren V.  2:18:30
22. Dayna 2:19
23. Linnea 2:24
24. Madi C. 2:27
25. Denise 2:27
26. Holly 2:27:30
27. Heather E. 2:28
28. Liz F. 2:28:30
29. Heather H.S. 2:28:30
30. Krystal C. 2:29
31. Emily H. 2:32
32. Danae 2:34
33. Claire P. 2:36
34. Zena 2:36:30
35. Julia E. 2:37
36. Maria R 2:48
37. Lisa E. 2:49
38. Emily 2:50
39. Sarah L 2:50
40. Lisa D. 2:51
41. Anya 2:52
42. Sasha 2:54
43. Suzanne 2:54
44. Bethany H. 2:54:30 (best pick up line)
45. Jenny J. 2:56
46. Erin 2:57
47. Katherine A. 2:57
48. Katie G. 2:57:30
49. Lauren A. 2:59
50. Jena W. 2:59
51. Iris 3:03
52. Cayla 3:03
53. Leslie 3:04
54. Hope C. 3:15
55. Andrea J. 3:16
56. Noelle R. 3:16
57. Sarah G. 3:16:30
58. Alexa 3:17
59. Ayla 3:17
60. Keri B. 3:17:30
61. Jennifer L. 3:18
62. Christy T. 3:18
63. Laura H. 3:58

5 stops
Sarah J
Grace C.
Susan E.
Sue T.
Rachel M.
Andrea C

4 stops
Susan E.
Sue T.
Robyn E.
Nellie R.
Lori W.
Shana (best sandcastle)
Mimi Z.

3 stops

No manifest
Becky R.
Jesse R.