When Monday night starts with a swim in Lake Union before you’ve even met up with most of the ladies you’re going to be riding bikes with for the evening, you know you’re in for a good night. And a good night it was!

May 2016 Menstrual Monday


The second Menstrual Monday ride of 2016 found nine of us pedaling northwest, in search of a perfect spot to catch the sunset. Departing from Seattle Center we quickly found the lovely waterfront trail and followed it through Myrtle Edwards Park. With spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains and the sun shining over the water, it’s a shame this trail doesn’t go on forever.

The group made a quick stop to help a fellow bike rider with a flat tire and rolled on through towards the locks. Heather led us through the “low route” to the Ballard Locks, a new way for many in the group which was pretty exciting to learn a new way to avoid a hill.

Ballard Locks Walk Through


After a detour to 7-11 for firewood, beverages, and s’mores supplies, we were back on our way to Golden Gardens and arrived just in time for sunset. Our arrival was heralded at the beaver pond however by none other than a posse of beavers! Nature was truly on display for May’s Menstrual Monday ride as 4 beavers, a turtle, and a bunch of ducks strutted their stuff for us as we made our way to North Beach for a fire and good conversation.

Rox helps carry wood and beverages for the fire.


Conversation flowed readily and easily around the warm fire that thankfully wasn’t especially needed. For the first time in recent memory for any of us, nobody was cold on the beach and we stayed in short sleeves until it was time to pedal home.

Beach vibes.


As the fire died down, we packed away the snacks, turned on bike lights, and made plans for next month. Thank you to all who came out- we look forward to seeing you next ride!

Excitement is high not only for next month’s Monday ride (Monday June 6th, meet at 6:30, ride at 7), but also, the Girls of Summer Alley Cat Race the following weekend, June 11th. Details will be coming out very soon!