What 102 WTFnBs about to race look like. Photo by Ben Wong.

On July 14th 2018 we held our 8th annual Women, Trans, Femme, Non-Binary alleycat, Moxie Sumer Jam (formerly Girls of Summer). Its crazy to think we have done eight of these things, but we know for sure this was the hottest (literally). One of the big changes this year was the new name. To live up to our mission of being a WTFnB race we wanted our name to be more inclusive. 102 Seattle bicycle WTFnB made their way to Gas Works Park to register for the opportunity to race through the Seattle city streets to checkpoints where the volunteers would make sure they fill the requirements and of course meet a ton of other rad racers. The shortest route that we could figure out was 22 miles on par with other years but the heat made it feel way longer. The day started out with all our stop volunteers meeting at the park before the racers showed up to get their equipment for their top secret assignment.

Volunteer download. Photo by Hannah Weinberger

These volunteers are great and up for everything. It has gotten to be pretty well known by now that instead of signing the manifest they paint a nail, so now they are always double checking to see if they got their nail polish, “You’re sure the nail polish is in here right?”. They all toted their props (some pretty heavy via cargo bike) to their assigned stops and were ready to go by 3pm.

The racers started to arrive at 2:00, 102 of them to be exact. During registration Jake and Julian from Back Alley Bike Repair were on hand for last minute emergencies. We had a cooler packed with Stumptown Cold Brew and ice cream from some anonymous angel. When it got close to three we gathered all the racers far away from their bike to hear the race schpeel (No really don’t lose your manifest) and have a group photo . We counted down to GO! and all the racers wooshed by us to get to their bikes where the manifests were hidden.

GO!!! Photo by Ben Wong!

Every year we try to do something unexpected. Sometimes it’s a secret stop, sometimes not a secret stop when we have had one for a few years in a row. This year we realized we had enough volunteers to do 7 stops, the most we have ever had is 6. After the racers got to their manifest we had a couple racers come up to us and ask “wait, what? Is there seven stops this year?” We would shrug and ask “What does the manifest say?”. The best was hearing a friend of mine a few days before tell someone that there are usually five or six stops and I just sat there hiding a smug look.

  • The morning after stop: At Smith Cove Park we brought this classic back with just a few small edits. Do a shot of cheap (and I mean cheap!) vodka, a shot of ketchup and eat cold waffles. This is a race, no time for fancy brunch. We actually had a couple of racers tell us they were thankful for the ketchup to give them a sugar and salt bump. We think they were crazy.

    One person is stoked, the other horrified. Photo by Ben Wong

  • Sometimes life gives you barriers: At Cowen Park we brought back a cyclocross stop manned by Space Cadet Racing. They designed a short fun course that included barriers and a run up.

  • There are not enough syllables for how great biking is: At Ballard Corners Park the racers pulled up a chair and wrote a haiku about biking. The volunteers then picked out their top three and during the awards ceremony we had the authors read them out loud.  They were too good not to share.

  • You got places to go: At Parson’s Garden up Queen Anne hill we provided streamers, flowers, glow sticks, and various other things to decorate their bike for a night on the town.

Photo by Ian Schemp

  • Create art that stays with you: Lynn Street Mini Park had the racers creating origami that they had to bring back to the stop. Then also draw a tattoo on themselves with washable markers. The heat and sweat was terrible to “the healing process”. People would roll up with illegible letters running down their neck from sweat.

  • Life is a delicate matter: This one was just the classic game of having to run with an egg on the spoon and if you dropped it had to start over. One volunteer had so much spirit he dressed up as a chicken.

Careful! Photo by Victor Ramirez

  • Photo stop: To change up the photo stop from past years of us creating a background this year we had the racers stand in front of the powerful mural that ARTNOTWAR created for the 2016 climate march. We had placards for supporting Planned Parenthood as that is where all profits (if we get any) from this race go to. We also had a Black Lives Matter sign and created trans, non-binary, and genderqueer pride signs to speak towards any diversity of the group.

Once we knew the racers were in the hands of the volunteers we headed over to the afterparty at Boxcar Alehouse to set up and before we even knew it they started arriving. They were seriously impressive. Apparently Becca (1st) & Diane (2nd) had long standing rivalry… and by longstanding I mean one beat the other at track the day before.

Afterparty convening of volunteers and racers. Photo by Hannah Weinberger.

We started out the awards. We had along list of sponsors and racers to get through so it took a lot of time. The awards would be nothing without the great stuff from our sponsors below. Please thank them, support them, and mention Moxie Summer Jam. They are great businesses that support the WTFnB community on bikes.

We have a Flickr group with pics of the race so please upload any pictures you have. We will be adding more as we get them from each photographer so keep visiting. We would also love to see the routes people took, if you have them mapped out add the link in the comments or post it on our facebook page.

Thanks everyone!
Monica, Marley, and Hannah

Much love to our amazing sponsors!

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Coven Salon
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Damask Tattoo
Women owned friendly tattoo studio.

20/20 Cycle
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Sun Liquor
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Ada’s technical books
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Apologies if we misspelled your name. Feel free to correct us.

# Racer Name Finish Time Fixed /SS Masters (45+) Out of Towner
1 Becca B 5:20
2 Diane Z 5:28
3 Keiko B 5:29
4 Kelsey M 5:30
5 Amanda B 5:31
6 Danielle H 5:34
7 Rza 5:35
8 Jasmine B 5:36 X
9 Heather M. 5:46
10 Nikki N 5:47
11 Rachel S 5:47
12 Kelly S 5:51
13 Livvy G 5:52
14 Sarah A 5:53
15 Heidi S 5:53
16 Heather W 5:53
17 Machiko T 5:54 X
18 Morley S 5:56
19 Sarah U 5:57
20 Alison C 5:57
21 Lena C 5:57
22 Rachel G 5:57
23 Olivia H 6:04
24 Emily B 6:04
25 Erin Y 6:04
26 Trista S 6:08
27 Ana G 6:08
28 Bobbie W 6:08
29 Louise S 6:09
30 Heather E 6:10
31 Anne L 6:11
32 Tara P 6:14
33 Leah S 6:15
34 Kelsey S 6:15
35 Crystal H 6:15
36 Claire R 6:22
37 Kate H 6:26
38 Steph D 6:26
39 Danae H 6:27
40 Laura G 6:27
41 Brenda R 6:27 X
42 Sally Anne G 6:38
43 Nicole L 6:44 X
44 Kelli J 6:58
45 Jennifer L 7:29 X X
46 Linda K 7:34
47 Julia C (DFL) 7:34
48 Christine G. 5:48
49 Erin H 6:04
50 Sarah H 6:04
51 Melinda M 6:29
52 Gabby M 6:34
53 Jessica 6:35
54 Lisa Z 6:36
55 Lauren A 6:37
56 Erika S 6:38
57 Gracie E 6:41
58 Claudia L 6:41
59 Lisa L. 6:42
60 Jessica W S (finished on LIME BIKE!) 6:49
61 Rachel H 6:54
62 Lyndee E 5:26 X
63 Samo W 5:50
64 Margaret B 5:51
65 Lindsey L 5:51
66 Svetlana T 6:08
67 Justine P 6:09
68 Miriam W 6:21
69 Main 6:37
70 Mary Kate 6:38
71 Hope G 6:39
72 Alicia K 6:39
73 Phonicia X 6:39
74 Kelly S 6:40 X
75 Shana McC 6:40
76 Elyse D 6:40
77 Carter G 6:41
78 Kelsey H 6:41
79 Tammy M 6:48
80 Manuela I 6:48
81 Jenny H 6:51
82 Cayce J 6:56
83 Sarah M 6:56 X
84 Becca G 6:59
85 Meaghan L 6:59
86 Mandy G 7:01
87 Michelle F 6:00
88 Marikaz ZB 6:00 X
89 Kashina M 6:01
90 Elizabeth T 6:02
91 Jenelle N. 6:20
92 Leah F 6:22