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Author: Kristen

Special Edition July Ride: MonicAID


First and foremost, I am here to remind you that the ladies ride tonight!  After postponing a week for 4th of July, Menstrual Monday meets up at the Seattle Center fountain at 6:30 with a 7pm departure.  We have something very special in mind tonight.


For those of you who don’t know, Menstrual Monday founder and co-planner Monica suffered an unfortunate accident on the 4th.  After falling 15 feet, she was rushed to Harborview Hospital where doctors determined that she broke her femur and her kneecap, and would need surgery on Tuesday morning.  The surgery went well – the doctors were able to straighten her femur out (she now has a rod through it) and remove part of her kneecap.  Prognosis is good, but it will be a long recovery.   She was finally able to get home on Friday and has made progress – she can now get from the couch to the bathroom on crutches.  Her attitude is, as always, positive and admirable.

Keep in mind that this monthly ride and the Girls of Summer Alleycat that so many of you enjoyed last month were both brainchildren of Monica.  She has been an amazing force and presence for lady cyclists in Seattle.  Let’s show her our appreciation and support her in her time of need.  To ease the pain and break up her day, Menstrual Monday will ride to her house in Shoreline tonight to stop in for a visit and deliver some food.   Please bring anything that you think would help her out or keep her spirits up during her convalescence.  See you all at 6:30pm!


Bikes and Beer for a Cause: Bitches Bike and Brew 2

Down and out because you miss riding with your fellow lady cyclists?  Counting down the days until July 11th, when Menstrual Monday rides again?  Well, here’s something to ease your pain and tide you over:  the next big all-girls bike event in Seattle!  This Saturday June 25th will be the second annual Bitches Bike and Brew, a women-only pub crawl by bicycle.  Cost of participation is $15 per rider and proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood, our nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate.   On top of supporting a proponent for women’s health care, the entrance fee will get each participant a t-shirt and a beer at the first bar.   There are some great bars on the route, which stretches from Beacon Hill all the way up to Green Lake/Phinney.  It looks like a lot of fun – make sure to check it out!

From the Bitches Bike and Brew event page on Facebook:


The Bitches Bike and Brew is going down again this year. This year’s event a benefit for Planned Parenthood of the Great NW. The cost is $15 and that includes a t-shirt and your first beer! RSVP here and bring cash for the registration day of.

Planned Parenthood is a great cause to get boozy for. They provide critical reproductive health services to women from all backgrounds, and one in five American women has turned to Planned Parenthood for treatment in their lifetime. The funds raised from this event will help them to continue to provide birth control and cancer screenings to women who would otherwise be unable to afford it (i.e. – it will not go toward abortion services, in case you have qualms about that).

The route has been finalized, and there are a few hills, so be prepared (and there aint no shame in walking up the hills either – biking drunk is hard!).

1:00pm – Starting at Daejeon Park (base of Beacon Hill-1144 Sturgus Ave S) in the Pagoda
(we’ll enjoy our first beer – a brew that is specially made for this event)
2:00pm – Hooverville
3:15pm – Brave Horse
4:15pm – Fremont Brewing
5:30pm – Tangletown
6:30pm – Uber

Come one, come all (as long as you have ladyparts)!

Sponsor Visit: Liberte

Photo borrowed from Dealsurf.com

Photo borrowed from Dealsurf.com

On Saturday, two of our hard-core lady racers walked away with gift certificates for services with Liberte, a local aesthetician who independently operates her skin wellness business.  Friday before the race, we made a quick stop at Lib’s brand new Ballard studio to pick up the prizes, talk to our sponsor, and to get some TLC for our own Seattle-weathered skin.  Unfortunately, our camera’s battery was spent, so we did what we could with a sub-standard camera phone.

After running her business out of a small basement studio across from Ballards post-office, Liberte has very recently moved her operation to a significantly larger, bright, lovely space just on NW 56th St in Ballard, a block north of Market St between 17th and 20th Ave NW.  Though she had just acquired the space, the entrance and waiting area was already artistically and tastefully decorated with pieces from local artists and with colorful origami expertly folded by Lib’s daughter.  The individual studios demonstrate similarly artistic and creative decoration, inspiring the customers to feel warm and comfortable before and during the services that brought them in.

The counter and waiting area at Liberte's new studio

Upon entering the studio, we were greeted by Liberte’s adorable puppy and a big hug from Liberte herself.  She gave us a tour of her new digs while we discussed the race, the monthly ride, and her business.  Read any Yelp review about Liberte, and you’ll find that she’s highly praised not only for her meticulous skill and excellent services, but also for her ability to relate to her clients and to put them at ease during what might be an otherwise uncomfortable experience.  Her ability to do so could be attributed to her philosophy of making every single one of her clients feel beautiful right now.  She notes that as women, we have fallen into the habit of apologizing for everything, including the necessity for whatever service she provides.  No matter what brings her clients into her studio, she ensures that they immediately feel welcome and beautiful and that they leave in the same mindset.  She’s all about lady empowerment and camaraderie, and was so happy to hear about and support our all-girl alleycat race.  We cannot thank her enough for her support and generosity.

Liberte and her adorable dog in the new studio

Liberte’s business is conveniently accessible.  Appointments are easy to arrange on her website, which also boasts her impressive menu of services.  Make sure to check her out next time you would like a luxurious facial or need to prepare for bikini season.  Also make sure to stop by, gander at her beautiful new space, and thank her for her support of our awesome race.  We’re sure that she’d love to hear about it!

Something Pretty Great

Do you love your bike?  Do you have a story to tell about it?  Here’s a great opportunity for you:

Our friends at Go Means Go posted yesterday about Swift Industries’ new project called Tough and Tender.  I am so excited to see what people submit, and I certainly hope that some of our riders participate.

From the Swift Industries blog:



WHAT: Please submit a photograph along with your 500 word literary description of your relationship with bicycles, touring, the bike industry, and your experience of strength as related to the bicycle to info(at)builtbyswift.com “re: tough and tender”. Kindly include your name, and the town/city/place where you reside.

WHO: Women as defined by the individual (female bodied and female identified). TEN CONTRIBUTORS WILL BE RANDOMLY SELECTED TO RECEIVE 15% OFF OF A SWIFT INDUSTRIES ORDER.

WHY: Because women are not celebrated enough in bicycle communities. Cycling is a male dominated activity and industry, and it’s our experience as women and female bodied individuals that cycling empowers and inspires us in ways which are not portrayed by mainstream bicycle culture.

Afterparty Venue Secured!

Great news, everybody! 

The owner of one of our favorite karaoke venues called The Boxcar has agreed to let us take over his bar for our first all-female alleycat afterparty!  This venue features a stage and soundsystem (normally used for karaoke), a great selection of spirits and beers, awesome bartenders, a fantastic outdoor patio that is ideal for what we hope will be a gorgeous summer day, and a food menu to calm your post-race appetite. 

But, wait!  That’s not all!  Our racers will (of course) have some well-deserved drinks on us, but the owner is so excited about this afterparty that he’s offering a beer special to all their supporters as well!. From 4pm until 8pm, PBR will be $2.00 for a pint and $8.00 for a pitcher.  SO, ladies, get your friends and supporters out to cheer you on as you cross that finish line!  Dudes that are excluded from racing…well, you can certainly still party with us and support your favorite female cyclists in the process.  We can’t wait to see you there!

The Boxcar sure loves its local ladies on bikes!  If you get a chance, make sure to stop in and thank them for their support!

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