Hopefully the spring showers are all behind us but as I am laying in bed listening to rain I decided to write about what I have found to keep as dry and comfortable as possible on a bike, without breaking the bank.

Lets work top to bottom.

Head: Bike cap. They don’t just hide helmet hair, they are also a godsend at keeping water out of your eyes when rolling and those drops are falling. I always keep one in my bag at all times. Wool dries super fast and you can get some lightweight wool that is great for spring.

Body: Now that its pretty warm I have  been “borrowing” my boyfriends Tyvek jacket from American Apparel. Tyvek is what they use to make fedex envelops. It is waterproof, incredibly light weight, and can stuff super small. Perfect for throwing in your bag. It is cut long enough to cover your lower back when you bend over on the bike. Plus it is only $30 which is cheap compared to rain jackets from REI. Chrome also has a really hot looking water repellant wind breaker with lots of bike functional pockets, but it takes some bills.

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