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Girls of Summer Alleycat 2011

Girls of Summer Alleycat 2011

On June 11th 2011 we held our first hopefully annual Girls of Summer alleycat. 46 seattle bicycle women descended upon I-5 Colonnade to race through the seattle city streets to stops where men would make them do ridiculous feats, kill at the very best route 19 tough miles, and of course enjoy each others company.

Once they were loose on the course they had to hit various stops that played on some familier stereotypes consisting of..

  • Soccer Mom Stop
  • Crazy Driver Stop
  • Rocker Chic Stop
  • Pretty Pretty Princess stop

Manifests weren’t signed, instead nails were pained.

For a more detailed account of the race see the Girls of Summer wrap up.



Menstrual Monday is proud to announce our first ALL-Girl Alley Cat, Girls of Summer.

An adventurous romp through the seattle city streets celebrating the best thing ever, GIRLS ON BIKES. In addition to prizes to the fastest riders, we will also have prizes in fun and creative categories to encourage new or  non-competitive riders (dude NOW over $2000 worth of prizes).

Register at the I-5 colonnade at 2pm and race at 3pm sharp. Bring $5 to race and you will be rewarded with prizes and beverages.

Things to bring: map of seattle, a bag, lock, pen, and of course helmet.

Rockin after party will be held at the Boxcar Alehouse. They have food, a lovely patio, and lots of good beverages. We will be there from 4:30 on with prizes announced at 6:30. Our racers will (of course) have some well-deserved drinks on us, but the owner is so excited about this afterparty that he’s offering a beer special to all the supporters as well! From 4pm until 8pm, PBR will be $2.00 for a pint and $8.00 for a pitcher.

Help us get the word out about our little race. Print out some flyers or posters. Plus anyone who send us a pic of a flyer or poster being handed out or put up by June 4th gets entered into a drawing for a rad $50 gift certificate from Naked City, one of the best breweries and taphouses in Seattle.  You can send your picture to menstrualmonday@gmail.com or post it on facebook or twitter.

Girls of Summer 4×4 of Flyer

Girls of Summer Poster


Check out our sponsors who are truly supportive of women biking and provided some amazeball prizes.

Recycled Cycles
Used bikes, new bikes, plus a full array of both new and used bicycle components, accessories, and parts.

Awesome protective gear for riding.

Hip and functional lights, cycle computers, locks, bags, and more.

For over 15 years, Chrome has been making gear that lasts. They never forget that people count on it.

Two Birds Tattoo
An all-girl staff doing what they love best, well planned, beautiful, and custom designed to their client’s wishes.

Nantucket Baskets
Unique, hand-crafted baskets for your bicycle.

Seattle Powder Coat
Make that bike pretty with the best powder coater in the city.

Harlot Clothing
Ride bikes be fabulous.

Mad Housewife Wines
Wine should be fun, relaxing, and something you can afford to look forward to at the end of each and every day.

Go Girl Energy Drinks
Get your go girl.

Sex toys for a passionate world.

BUST Magazine
Smart, fierce, funny, and proud to be female.

Hub and Bespoke
A retail “cycle boutique” aimed at lowering some of the common barriers to urban cycling.

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
All that matters is great living and great beer.

Georgetown Liquor Company
Strong enough for a carnivore, made for a herbivore.


  1. Awesome blog! I cant wait for this event <3

  2. How long is the ride?

    • monica

      May 20, 2011 at 12:27 am

      If you are talking about the monthy rides they are variable depending on weather desire of group etc, but we usually do about 15. Sometimes more or less.

      If you are talking about the race there is no set route between destinations. So the mileage has to do with picking the best route. Plus we are keeping the milage of the perfect route secret. That being said we expect most girls to come in between 5 and 5:30.

  3. Should I bring my road bike or commuter (fat-tire, but not mountain) bike? I’d rather ride the roadie but if there are lots of gravel paths or dirt, the commuter might be better?

  4. I have to miss this so please do it again! Awesome!!

  5. What a great and fun ride, well organized, great volunteers, great weather. I don’t know Seattle well so I probably did many more miles (and hills) than I needed to, but they were all fun. Now I have painted fingernails and no polish-remover so they will be pink & blue & purple for a while 🙂

    Is there anywhere online where you will be putting up some of the photos from the ride? In addition to the “Prom Photo” there were a lot of other photos being taken. I’d love to see them!

    Thanks and I hope you do this again next year. I was at a bridal shower on Sunday and now all 10 of the gals at the party want to do this ride next year.

    – Jennifer from Bellingham

    • Monica

      June 13, 2011 at 7:52 pm

      Hey Jennifer!

      Thanks so much for coming. I am glad you had a great time. We actually had nail polish remover on hand incase anyone asked but we weren’t gonna volunteer up that info.

      Please bring you friends next year!

      I am right now as we speak going through photos to put up. There were a ton and I only have pic from 3 of the photographers. So expect them soon.


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