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We are all winners!

The ladies kick ass times:

Name                    Time

  1. Marcy                    2:10
  2. Megan                    2:11
  3. Jessie K.               2:11:30
  4. Jessica Wa.          2:13
  5. Alice L.                 2:16 (First Single Speed)
  6. Genevieve           2:17
  7. Kristen F.             2:19
  8. Margaret B.         2:19:30
  9. Jenna H.               2:23
  10. Theresa B.           2:34
  11. Rebecca Reebs  2:34
  12. Maile  M.             2:24
  13. Loretta                 2:41
  14. Sandra W.           2:41
  15. Sarah F.                2:41
  16. Hailey                    2:50
  17. Elizabeth C.         3:03
  18. Christa F.             3:03
  19. Cayla                     3:03 (First Fixed)
  20. Leslie                     3:03
  21. Madi                      3:07 (First Masters)
  22. Linette                  3:08
  23. Jessica Wi.           3:10
  24. Olivia R.                3:11
  25. Emily L.                 3:12
  26. Rebecca S.          3:12
  27. Kelly H.                 3:12
  28. Lisa E.                    3:14
  29. Ayla A.                  3:14
  30. Alexa                     3:14
  31. Elisa Z.                   3:15
  32. Lisa D.                   3:15
  33. Sarah G.               3:17
  34. Angie                    3:17
  35. Faye                      3:21
  36. Keri                        3:21
  37. Jennifer L.           (so sorry missed your time)


Tell Me More About the Race Afterparty!

Ok! Ok! If you insist.  We will have some celebrating to do! After you race/volunteer head  down (or maybe up, don’t want to give anything away) to theTwilight Exit (2514 E Cherry St). They have food and and an amazing back porch. We are super stoked to announce that this year Verity Credit Union is sponsoring our after party. What does this mean to you? Racers for a lowly $5 you get two drink tickets.   And our amazing volunteers you will also be rewarded with two drink tickets. What I mean is everyone involved in the race really deserves it. They will be good for well drinks, a tap beer, or soda. Verity is one of only two credit unions that offer bike loans and are obviously super supportive of the Seattle bike community.  Want that custom build?  Tired of that beater?  Talk to them. Hang out with this towns amazing cyclists, swap war stories with the other racers, and thank the dudes who manned the stops for hours.  We will do the prizes/awards at 6pm.

Girls of Summer Round Three – GET READY

Info and amazing sponsors to be announced soon!

Girls of Summer Round 2 – Wrap Up

Despite the torrential downpour on the morning of Saturday June 23rd, fifty (omg, that’s a TON) of ladies showed up to the I-5 Colonnade for the Second Annual Menstrual Monday Girls of Summer Alleycat!

So many girls!

The riders were greeted warmly with energy drinks from Go Girl, and Ben and Julian from Back Alley Repair, who were on hand to provide tuneups to our rider’s bikes. Thanks guys!

Once our awesome boy volunteers had manned their stops around Seattle, and after the girls were registered, the race was on! Some girls meticulously chose the best routes. Others headed to the closest stops.

Ladies planning their route.


At each of the five stops on the manifest, the riders had to perform a feat of mental and physical ability. Only after this was completed would their nails be painted, proving their awesomeness.

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What To Expect at Your First Alleycat

We’ve heard from a bunch of people who are hesitant to ride on Saturday because they’ve never done an alleycat and racing sounds scary. Fear not people, Alleycats are fun!!! Below is a primer of what to expect on the funnest day of the year.

Rae at the Rocker Chick stop, Girls of Summer 2011

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Seattle’s biggest all night scavenger hunt!

Ok, it may be Seattle’s only all night scavenger hunt, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. You will go places you have never been and procure stuff you could never imagine. I did this for the first time last year and had a blast. It was easier to stay up then I thought. The adrenaline of the scavenger hunt is way more powerful then caffeine. I never thought I could feel such a sense of exhilaration from finding things like a photo of Gary Coleman or an Alaska t-shirt from the 90s. Plus the Go Means Go boys do a great job of periodically spacing out meet ups to break up the night and fuel you up for a another few hours till the next meet up. Telling yourself you just need to make it to the next meet up instead of 5am makes it a lot easier.  At the end while I was grubbing on the delicious provided breakfast I felt a sense of accomplishment that I rode all night, even hit a different town while getting to know my team mates better. It made the pain of sunday totally worth it.

While you can definitely ride it solo, it is one of the only chances for us non-racers to work as a team so try to make new friends at the start or bring your own! Check-in starts at 8pm Wednesday at Gasworks park, and preregistration is encouraged (but not required). Check out Go Means Go for more info.


Sponsor Visit – Pinup Salon

Yesterday I dropped by Pinup Salon, one of our fab sponsors for the Girls of Summer race to pick up the amazing gift certificate they donated. I wont tell you how much they donated. You have to come to the race to find out, but it will say some lucky lady is going to look amazing.

This was the first time I had been to their West Seattle location, they also have one in Ravenna, and it was so cute yet felt comfortable immediately. It was like going to your stylish best friends house.

There are only two chairs in the space to give you an intimate and personalized experience. This is not your mother’s beauty salon chain with a million stylists and clients herded in and out. They really focus on the client and take pride in really listening to the their needs.

While I was there Jen, the owner, was performing a color on a client always making sure they were the center of her attention. I know next time my roots show….. I mean roots… what roots, just getting a cut I will be heading down to Pinup.

Girls of Summer Pre-Party Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. It was great to see all the guys and gals who support the race. We drank some beer, chatted and had a few drawings. Gave away two knog gloves, a t-shirt, and a cycling cap.

Check out some pics that Greg of GoMeansGo (who is also putting on the 9to5) took.

Incase you missed your chance to grab some flyers, here is a 4up PNG that you can print out at home. Remember if you take a pic of you putting the flyer up somewhere or handing it to a lady then post it on our twitter or facebook you get entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Naked City Brewery & Taphouse.

Last night we also announced our awesome grand prize for the race. BOOSH
Raleigh was incredibly generous and donated a Capri 2.0 road bike. The bike will be delivered to fit the winners size. If you don’t think you’ll be first girl don’t worry we will have LOTs and LOTS of other rad prizes.

Of course come to the race. June 23rd at the I-5 colonnade. Registration is at 2. Race starts at 3 sharp.

Girls of Summer Pre-Party! Wednesday June 6th!

Help us get the word out about the second annual spectacular Girls of Summer alleycat!

We’ll be in the Red Velvet Lounge at the Rendezvous on 2nd and Bell in Belltown from 6pm – 9pm on Wednesday June 6th.

Pick up some flyers, maybe a poster or two, and start spreading the word. We’ll have a volunteer signup sheet, and will provide a few pitchers of beer in gratitude.

Both boys and girls are welcome, and there will be no talk that would exclude you from racing.

Everyone who attends will be entered in to a drawing for a prize at the event! And like last year, there will be a prize for street team all stars, a $50 gift certificate to Naked City Brewing!

Come for merriment, fun times, beer, and the best thing ever, girls on bikes!

See you there.

May Ride Wrap Up

May’s ride was super fun, who are we kidding they all are, but this one was its own special snowflake as we pushed it a farther than what we have done in the past. We rode down to the Dog and Pony in Renton to enjoy the food, beer, and of course their patio, we are all about patios.  All in all we did 33 miles. A good amount for a monday. Yay ladies. A great group of smart, funny, friendly women to spend those miles with.

We started off through downtown Seattle and up Beacon Hill where we caught the Chief Sealth Trail. It has a definite country road feel to it with pretty views and low rolling hills. Continue reading

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